Top Ten Things to do in Fort Myers, Florida Updated for 2022

Fort Myers, which is jus north of Bonita Springs, is among the top-rated dream destination for a lot of people. This is because of the diversity this place offers which has something for everyone. You can explore outdoor adventures, historical sites, and the best beaches in Fort Myers.

The long stretch of white sand beaches along a mild climate offers a feel that is simply breathtaking. However, Fort Myers is much more than white-sand beaches and romantic beach spots, with much to explore, eat and enjoy for everyone. Fort Myers is rich in culture, history, shopping spots, and even significant outdoor areas.  The top-rated attractions and things to do in Fort Myers are perfect for all types of visitors.
Here are the top 11 things to do in Fort Myers, Florida.

Visit the Matanzas Pass Preserve

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If you’re looking for fun things to do in Fort Myers, Matanzas Pass Preserve is an ideal pick. You will come across some of the most active wildlife here. In Florida, the oil drilling was done in state parks on the Gulf of Mexico, and Matanzas Pass Preserve is one.

You can go on a self-guided or guided kayak tour of the preserve, which will cover multiple islands in the Gulf. It is filled with unique wildlife and birds to watch, and one of the most exciting things to explore is the colony of brown pelicans. You can have a fun sight of them plunging in water, as their backs appear to be covered with red-brownish armor. Additionally, you can also find some of the best restaurants near the Matanzas Pass Preserve.

Visit the Fort Myer’s Beach

If you’re visiting Fort Myers, you’ll be delighted by the abundance of beaches and ocean activities. The Fort Myer’s beach is one of the most pristine stretches of coastline in all of Florida. It’s not crowded and there are no waves, just smooth white sand. On rare days, you may see ripples caused by wind, but the waves are rare in Fort Myers Beach.

 Fishing is possible from the Matanzas Bridge pier, but you can also rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. There are kayak rentals at the beach. Kayak rentals and paddleboard rentals are available at Kebo Beach, which is next to the Fort Myers Beach Pier.

Additionally, the easiest way to explore the beaches and the ocean is to take a tour. Tours provide a fun, cost-effective way to see the beauty of Fort Myers’s coast.  By going on dolphin tours, you’ll get a chance to see the water up close and personal. While you’re on a tour, you can enjoy the fresh air and views of the gorgeous coastline.

If you’re someone who loves burgers, you can find some of the best burgers near the Fort Myers Beach including the burgers at Ford’s burgers in the Miramar Outlets.

Ft Myers Beach 2

The beautiful sun setting on the shores of Fort Myers Beach located on Estero Island in Florida, United States of America


Visit the Fort Myers River District

Fort Myers River District

Fort Myers, USA – April 29, 2018: Florida Gulf of Mexico city street with retro vintage neon sign for Arcade theatre theater building with shops stores

Take a walk along the old river channel and see the difference the river has made. Since the 1970s, the river has been restored. Once a thriving, muddy channel, now it is a clean, clear, green, and tranquil spot. This is one of the best places in Fort Myers to walk, run, bike, and kayak. The river is also home to a variety of wildlife, including otters, river otters, alligators, turtles, and even the occasional shark. Don’t forget to check out the nature trail! It’s just over one mile long and winds through the wetlands and the river. It’s a great way to get a glimpse of the river and the wildlife. If you’re looking for free things to do in Fort Myers, the River District is open year-round from sunrise to sunset. Free!


The second and third week of November is the most important time to see the migrating manatees in Lee County. If you want to get the best photos of these

Visit the Edison & Ford Winter Estates

In Fort Myers, Florida, the Edison and Ford families built their lavish homes in a rural setting. The property was owned by the city and was sold to the state in 1986. This historic site, once a private residence, now is open to the public. During your visit, you can tour the grandiose houses of the two famous men. These lavish homes are impressive and have unique architecture. During the 1920s, these houses were quite the showstoppers.

Ford and Edison Estates

Huge Banyan tree or Moreton Bay fig in the back of the Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Florida, USA

In fact, the Fort Myers location was considered the “grandest” of the homes. The Thomas Edison house, built in 1921, was designed by Henry Ford and is currently owned by the Edison Museum. The two-story house has a museum-like design. It’s situated on a 14-acre estate. This residence is just one of several grand homes designed by the Ford family. The mansion was built in 1926 and was designed by Harvey Wiley Corbett. The house is made of Indiana limestone

Visit the Lovers Key State Park

Lovers Key State Park, located in San Carlos Park on Fort Myers Beach, is a hidden gem, a tiny slice of nature, tucked away from the beach and from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, making it one of the best beaches in Fort Myers.

This place offers couples a perfect spot and has the best things to do in Fort Myers. Along with the scenic view, you will find unique plants and animals. You will also come across something like a tiny spring, water oasis, etc. The water there is so clear that you can spot the fishes swimming, butterflies, orange-and-black monarchs, and much more.


IMAG History & Science Center

Among the many things to do in Fort Myers, IMAG History & Science Center is a place to explore people who love science and art. It is situated on North Fort Myers Boulevard. It is one of the top attractions in the city as it hosts several exhibits films that span from classic science fiction and movies related to modern technology.

You can explore further by visiting IMAG Science Theater, a place to experience and explore immersive science with technology and film. This place not only showcases fantastic shows but is also rich in history.

Fleamasters Flea Market

You can commonly come across multiple flea markets, but one of the most popular flea markets is Fleamasters. It has been around since 1967 and is present in two areas: one in North Fort Myers and the second one in Southwest Fort Myers. It is considered a treasure box of items you would expect to find in a flea market, but they are available for sale. You can find antique items, junk items, and much more. You will find the best burgers in Fort Myers here, along with other food vendors, music, and market.

Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge

Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge provides a great opportunity to have time close to nature and wildlife. You can watch them and explore their habitats. Here, you will also find many gophers, alligators, bobcats, tortoises, ospreys, raccoons, white-tailed deer, and several other animals. You can even tour this place by boat and helicopter for a different experience. The helicopter ride not only covers the wildlife but will also cover a beautiful view of the landscape.

Florida Native Butterfly Society

If you are on a trip for detoxing and connecting with nature or wish to have a romantic, soothing time with your partner, visiting places like the Florida Native Butterfly Society is a must. Here you will come across Florida’s native butterflies. Because of butterflies, you will also come across some of the most unique and mesmerizing flowers. On further exploration, you will also find forests and wetlands. Tour guides are present to help you enjoy the best spots through the woods.

Visit an Art Gallery

You can find some of the finest art collections in over 20 galleries in Fort Myers that are open for the public to visit. Enjoy the best collections of some of the most renowned artists while sipping a cup of coffee at the nearest café. You can even Airbnb in Fort Myers next to an art gallery, if you wish to stay a little longer and explore more. 

Final Thoughts

A destination is different from every other spot you may have visited because of the unique offerings it has hidden for you. From the surreal beauty of the area and its beaches to culinary delights, cultural offerings, excitement, and fun places for friends and family entertainment. You can also have an exquisite experience of nature parks, golf courses, aquariums, and much more.

Whether you are looking for a place to enjoy by the beach, have fun or a smooth mind, or a place to dine or shop or explore the natural beauty and cultural offerings, there is always something for you in For Myers.



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