Sanibel Island Shelling Trips Updated for 2021

Sanibel Island is well-known throughout the world as a relaxing island getaway for excellent shelling. Perhaps one main factor that makes Sanibel Island a shelling capital of the West is that Sanibel is one of the unique barrier islands of the world, having an east-west orientation when most islands are north-south.

Well-known as the best shelling spot in the Western hemisphere, you will surely find so many varieties of seashells that cover the beaches of Sanibel. So if you are planning for Sanibel Island shelling trips to find the best varieties of seashells, then you must know that the Castaways, located at the Blind Pass, is one of the areas known for great Sanibel Island shelling trips. This is basically due to the tidal currents depositing shells on the northern tip of Sanibel Island. Note that at this Sanibel Island shelling trips spot, you can find beachfront cottages that are just a few feet away from the beach. Also, at these cottages, you can start your own unique and beautiful shell collection.

Speaking of Sanibel Island shelling trips, several marinas within Sanibel are now offering charter Sanibel Island shelling trips for those who wish to discover the best shelling spots of Sanibel. To mention, there is the Castaways Marina, which has two charter captains that will take groups on shelling or fishing adventures. The Castaways Marina’s captains will even take you out of the way fishing holes and shelling sandbars that you’d never find alone.

Another company that offers Sanibel Island shelling trips is the Kona Kai Motel and Cottages. As maintained, they offer Sanibel Island shelling trips for these trips are only the best way to obtain the island’s treasures from the sea. Their charters are available usually between 4 to 6 hours long and transport you to the islands of Upper Captiva or Cayo Costa that are accessible only by water. On your Sanibel Island shelling trips, you might carry with you a picnic lunch or talk to your shelling trip captain into grilling something on one of Sanibel’s white sandy beaches. Note, however, that the Sanibel Island shelling trips offered by Kona Kai Motel and Cottages are private, so the going rate for this type of private chartered adventure usually starts at $75 and up per person with the other local captains.

You can also find Sanibel Island shelling trips at Day Star Charter Shelling, a charter company that specializes in custom boat charters. Just like Kona Kai’s Sanibel Island shelling trips, their charters are private, yet flexible to meet your needs. Their shelling trips may even include deep-sea fishing on the pristine waters of Sanibel Island.

There is also the Grey Pelican Charters with Captain Mike Fuery to take you to the remote North Captiva and Cayo Islands for an ultimate Sanibel Island shelling experience. The charters of Grey Pelican have been featured in National Geographic and other adventure magazines, and Captain Mike is even the shelling columnist for the Sanibel-Captiva Islander newspaper.

So while on your vacations at the barrier island of Sanibel, don’t ever miss the Sanibel Island shelling trips for these adventures are often the best part of every Sanibel Island vacation experience.

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