Sanibel Island Resorts Updated for 2021

Sanibel Island is known throughout the world as one of the perfect vacation destinations. Thousands of people year-round, in fact, come to visit Sanibel to explore and enjoy its white sand beaches and discover the ultimate shelling experience. Others come to witness the largest wildlife refuge in Sanibel, the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, where hundreds of reptiles, mammals, and birds can be seen.

With several wonderful tourist attractions, it’s no wonder that thousands of people, locals, and foreigners alike, come to visit Sanibel Island. And, with the increasing number of tourists visiting the island, there has been an increase in the number of Sanibel Island resorts that offer the best accommodation and customer service possible.

The Sanibel Island resorts generally cater to services for families. However, some offer services for romantics and adventurers. As many reviews have revealed, almost all of the Sanibel Island resorts offer the most complimentary accommodations and dining choices.

Now, if you want to know exactly what resorts are well-known nowadays in Sanibel Island, then you should read on for below is a list of the top-rated Sanibel Island resorts that have currently been serving the public with everything Sanibel has to offer.

West Wind Inn Resort

The West Wind Inn is one of the most visited and acclaimed Sanibel Island resorts located on the Gulf of Mexico. It has a private beach that beckons you with its warm Gild waters, white sand, and some of the best shelling in the world. Also, the West Wind Inn is known throughout Sanibel as one of the Sanibel Island resorts that offer you a stress-free environment and professional friendly staff at your service.

Sundial Beach and Golf Resort

Of all the available Sanibel Island resorts, the Sundial Beach and Golf Resort is regarded as the most complete resort in the entire Sanibel. It is said to be the centerpiece of the island and it provides the visitors with an experience of Sanibel and Florida the way it used to be. Aside from that, the Sundial Beach and Golf Resort is regarded as a national playground. People of all ages and gender are free to feel the white sand beach between their toes, take a refreshing swim in the blue-green waters, and bike the miles of paved paths around Sanibel.

Casa Ybel Resort

Casa Ybel Resort is one of the tens of Sanibel Island resorts that epitomizes the sanctuary and old island spirit of Sanibel. It is located in the shell-studded sand beaches of Florida’s subtropical Sanibel Island, close to Fort Myer’s Southwest Florida International Airport. And, as one of the well-known beachfront Sanibel Island resorts, Casa Ybel will surely allow you to enjoy the white sand beaches and the beautiful sunsets that blaze brilliantly.

South Seas Island Resort

If you the newest accommodations and the newest dining choices, then the South Seas Island Resort is no doubt the perfect place for you to visit. The South Seas Island Resort is actually one of the newly renovated Sanibel Island resorts as it redefines the luxury Sanibel Island resorts experience with over $140 million of renovations taking place throughout the property. And, just like the other golf Sanibel Island resorts, South Seas Island Resort offers a new Gulf front golf course.

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