175 acres will be developed on Bonita Beach Road, near CREW Flint Pen Strand. Updated for 2022

A piece of land that has been used as a sand and lime rock mine for a couple of decades and lies on top of thousands of acres of protected watershed lands could be developed into a residential community off Bonita Beach Road.

Seagate Development Group and Barron Collier Companies acquired the land, which had been divided into 19 parcels and sold as one, for $6 million on Dec. 30.  

The land has an address of 14780 on the north side of Bonita Beach Road, east of I-75 and Bonita Grande Drive in Bonita Springs.   The development is expected to be about a quarter of a square mile in size.

According to Matt Price, the chief executive officer of Seagate, the community may consist of a mixture of multifamily apartments and single-family houses.

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